Richard B. Felson is Professor of Sociology and Criminology at The Pennsylvania State University.  His primary interest is in the social psychology of violence.  He has published research on the role of situational factors in homicide, assault, robbery and rape.  He has also studied gender, race, regional, and national differences in violence.   He recently received funding from NIJ to study why offenders have high rates of victimization.

He has written four books, all published by the American Psychological Association.  They include:

Curriculum Vitae

Selected articles available for download.

The Sociology & Criminology Department at The Pennsylvania State University

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  1. Lorraine

    Please help/advise
    I’m Lorraine (49) & my partner of 6 years, Richard, (48) has been been found to be having an affair. They’ve been in contact 5 months via a dating site & met for sex on 4 occasions. I found out 4 weeks ago by contacting her. Their stories differ with her saying ‘he is a lovely man & they had sex multiple times when they met’ & him saying it was once each time. He has gone on to say that he hates her and has actually raped her without her knowledge by ‘reeling her in with sweet talk just so he could violate her’. Richard, to me, is a very loving, gentle, tactile man whom I adore(d). He tells me he is a mysoginist but I have NEVER seen this displayed. This is totally new to me! In fact, our arguments are because he pays too much attention to other women! Richard has Kleinfelters Syndrome with tiny testicles and a small underdeveloped penis. This has not been an issue for me but does bother him. He was also raped aged 8 years for 2 years by two older brothers who used excessive violence while doing so. He was persecuted during school & early work years and was regularly sexually assaulted by his peers Infront of female classmates and female work colleagues – all of whom laughed instead of saving him!!! He then went on to have a very bad marriage of 20 years where there was minimal sexual activity & violence from her to him.
    My question to you is – is his reasoning that he is a mysoginist a cover for him really just wanting sexual pleasure from another woman or is he really a non-violent rapist.? I am absolutely tortured either way but I need to understand. Please help. Thank you.

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